Quenchers Saloon quick list
Reggie's Rock Club
The Burlington
Quenchers Saloon
The Beat Kitchen

Wed. Sep. 27
21+ / Quenchers Saloon - 9PM

Thu. Sep. 28
21+ / Quenchers Saloon - 9PM

Fri. Sep. 29
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Fri. Sep. 29
21+ / Quenchers Saloon - 9PM

Sat. Sep. 30
21+ / Quenchers Saloon - 9PM

Sun. Oct. 01
21+ / Quenchers Saloon - 9PM

Mon. Oct. 02
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM


Wed. Sep. 27 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
"Bongo Mosley is among the group of musicians in this new generation that have the capacity to help shape the sound of music... FOR THE BETTER." — Cody McIntyre, Association of Student Songwriters
The Turbo Vamps are a Punk Rock band from the suburbs of Chicago. The band started in Early December 2005 in Andrews basement and have been writing since. The band has taken its breaks here and there due to school, work, and other fucked up shit but now all that is in the past and they are ready to get serious and make a name for themselves.
Calling all Cars will give you your pop punk fix while at the same time let you feel some of that gritty south side of Chicago sound. With songs that range from up beat and fun to hard and thrashing, their crowds have no choice but to move and sing along to every song they play.
OLDES - listen
Oldes is a feeling.


Thu. Sep. 28 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
HOGAN'S GOAT - listen
Named after a tale from Scottish folklore, the band initially formed in late 2014. As the story goes, a farmer (Hogan) owned a goat rumored to have an odor said to travel miles away. The goat's been described as having patchy fur, an eye out of socket, and flies abound . For the band, this perfectly symbolized their unorthodox style, that which is anything but unnoticeable.
STARLESS - listen
Driven by heavy, down-tuned guitar riffs and melodic vocal harmonies, Jess Ambriz and Jon Slusher bring you a haunting variation of doom and slow core, conveying darkness and light with heavy guitars and voice. Drummer Quinn Curren and bass player Alan Strathmann fill out this dystopian beauty that will have your ears ringing and your head humming.
MILES - listen
Miles draws from the dissonance and timbre of stoner rock, the methodical pace of sludge and doom, and the texture of a range of Chicago post-metal/rock predecessors. This framework orbits one central thematic premise; we are either alone or we are not and that both prospects offer an equally terrifying reality.


Fri. Sep. 29 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
BIG EYES - listen
Big Eyes, the brainchild of Kait Eldridge, is a band that has spent its career successfully defying classification. They're a punk band with pop sensibilities; they're a power pop group with a hard rock edge. Big Eyes are different things to different people, and yet have always felt ultimately content cemented "in-between" the scenes. Stake My Claim, the band's third full length, was recorded throughout the fall and winter of 2015. It opens with their heaviest song to date, the title track, which sets a tone of Kait at a crossroad: Cause nothing stays the same / stake my claim. Her lyrics are centered around dissatisfaction and a need for change. Throughout the entirety of Big Eyes' discography, there is an undercurrent of sadness and frustration, but within Stake My Claim, Kait has found a sense of acceptance. With the release of Stake My Claim, Big Eyes have expanded from a power trio to a four piece band, and are now able to showcase the driving, dueling guitar leads and classic power pop vocal harmonies of their albums within their live shows. With Kait on guitar and lead vocals, featuring Paul Ridenour on guitar and backup vocals, Malcolm Donaldson on bass, and Griffin Harrison on drums, the band sounds more complete and finessed than ever before. Despite location and lineup changes, Eldridge has always had a clear vision for Big Eyes: to find her own distinct balance between punk, hard rock and pop.
LEGGY - listen
Cincinnati lush punk. Blonde-heavy nu garage indie punk pop-tarts outta Cincinnati.
PRIMITIVE TEETH (members of Violent End, Split Feet, Daylight Robbery, Chronic Seizure) - listen
Primitive Teeth consists of Keara on drums and backing vocals, Christine on guitar and vocals, and Bryan on bass and backing vocals.
Sore History is ex- Like Bats and P.S. Eliot. catchy alternative rock for fans of The Lemonheads.


Sat. Sep. 30 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
REV GUSTO - listen
Rev Gusto has recently moved to town from KC, we play boppin Garagepop tunes inspired by groups like the kinks and the lemonheads. Music your grandma will love to get drunk 2
Garage-a-delic indie rock band Westerners hail from midwest lo-fi mecca Lawrence, KS. They seamlessly mesh beautiful vocal harmonies with raw indie rock that transcends genre while simultaneously tipping the hat to alt heroes of decades past. The lyricism is drenched in candid personal experience that desperately conveys the enormity of the little things in life.
CS LUXEM - listen
A solo artist as well as collaborator, CS Luxem has performed all over the U.S. and Europe. He is a psychedelic crooner who will in an instant slam a song against the wall to relentlessly make you feel the unfamiliar.
Dream Version hypothesizes that Kurt Cobain spent thirty minutes a week folding laundry, and their mission is to remind you of that idea. Arriving in a poppy Trojan Horse, they’re here to blitz the romantic myth of the countercultural rock ‘n’ roll icon with an abrasive mix of candid introspection and wry detail. Since they formed in 2013, Dream Version has consistently reminded their hometown of Chicago that we’re all human and none of us heroes.


Sun. Oct. 01 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
We are the Geezers. The subject turns to our collective fate as we sit around all day and commiserate. To be left all alone in this hopeless state. Dying from cancer of the prostate. After risking my life to free all of France. Now I can't even get my legs in my pants. Forced to finally have to take a stance. Before my last ride in an ambulance. We are the Geezers. Family comes to visit twice a year. We are the Geezers. Big kiss on the lips have no fear. We are the Geezers. What's been happenin' you say with a sneer. We are the Geezers. You're all gonna be here. There's no cure. Every other day there's always bingo. "Excited" you say, I sure don't think so. Your very last chance to make some dough. That or the toilet, only places to go. We all line up to get the pills in a cup. "Don't ask no questions, you'd better shut up." Time has come, you're in your slump. You might just fall and never get up.
MAKE-OVERS - listen
Make-Overs are a unique duo of redheaded musical malcontents who hail from the grey suburban wasteland of Kilnerpark, South Africa. Formed in mid 2010 with Martinique on drums/vocals and Andreas on guitar/vocals, the couple hit the South African scene with a frenzied live act that cuts through you like a machete.
WET WALLET - listen
Wet Wallet is the husband/wife duo of Keith Herzik (Galactic Inmate, 36 Invisibles, The Latest) and Gina Herzik (Blue Ribbon Glee Club, Gina's Outer Space Experience). Talking machine bass, chorused guitar, drum machine, and secret weapons. Influences of Sonny and Linda Sharrock, Alien Sex Fiend, Snakefinger/Residents, and Chrome.
LE TOUR - listen
To Rip (Or Get Ripped?) Chicago IL punk since 2011.


Wed. Oct. 04 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
Movies About Animals is a band from Chicago by way of Normal.
Summerbruise is an emo/melodic punk two piece from Indianapolis for fans of Joyce Manor, Modern Baseball, or laughing at your problems.
Straightedge power pop for mod punks gone mad.


Thu. Oct. 05 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
ROACH BEACH (members of Catfish Haven, Remaindermen, Lord) - listen
Loud Sounds.
AS HELL - listen
Chicago's AS HELL is 5 drums, 16 strings, and one tongue. All compositions are made of rock and roll stuff.
RESULTS - listen
RESULTS is a punk/post hardcore band from Chicago with influences from Fugazi, Hot Snakes, Failure, Shellac, and Black Flag. Originally started as a recording side project in 2015, the band had quickly developed a life of its own. The current lineup has been going strong since October of 2016.
Supershark is a Chicago-based garage punk trio, rocking out songs about booze, Divvy bikes, and orphans. Supershark is here to rock.


Fri. Oct. 06 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Dual record release show for Two Houses and Dog & Wolf!
ARMS ALOFT - listen
ARMS ALOFT plays some nearly perfectly executed catchy punk that sounds so Midwestern it's almost cliche. just imagine any of your favorite Midwest bands; I won't even bother picking one to associate with these guys, as they will soon be a band to whom others will be compared as an influence. Go crack an Old Style and drink it by yourself while listening to ARMS ALOFT to get the full experience.
TWO HOUSES - listen
"Smash Mouth meets Rage Against the Machine." - Vice
For many years, “The Penske House” in Burlington, ON was known as the place to go for the after-show party. A place where several dodgy music videos have been filmed and where countless bands have slept….A place where eating a scorpion and chugging through a chandelier happened at least once. It also just so happens to be the place that Travis (Vox, Guit, Harmonica), James (Bass, Vox) and Alex (Drums, Vox) of the Penske File call home. More importantly, it’s where these three young men became brothers and banded together to make some seriously awesome music. Following hot on the heels of two critically acclaimed EPs and several massive stretches of international touring, Burn Into The Earth attacks the listener with a sonic authenticity and passion that perfectly captures the ferocious spirit of the band. These 10 epic tracks were produced with the help of long time friend and prolific recording engineer Steve Rizun (Flatliners, Motorleague, Junior Battles). Meanwhile, with a touch of harmonica, and the warm, welcoming pop sensibilities, The Penske File feel like an all-inclusive band for misfits, romantics, workers and intellects alike. On tour, everywhere, forever.
Captivating. Original. Sober. None of these are words to describe Chicago punk trio Dog & Wolf.


Sat. Oct. 07 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
MASON'S CASE - listen
Once hailing from East Lansing, MI, Mason's Case now based out of Chicago, IL has an eclectic sound and a live energetic stage show that has won over audiences wherever they happen to take the stage. Blending elements of hard rock, acoustic folk, punk, and blues, Mason's Case has broken out of the typical college-rock mold where they first began to transforming themselves into a band that has been lucky and grateful enough to play the House of Blues in Chicago as part of I AM FEST headlining that event two times in a row as well as countless shows, tours, and three studio releases. What is Greatest in Life, The Gloom, Trust Me, and their most recent release Looking for Escapes. All three releases can be found on iTunes, Spotify, & all other digital platforms.
As a followup to "Superconductors," their debut 4-song EP, this new album captures the electric energy of a Local Motive performance, bursting with lyrical messages, irresistible soulful melodies, and the spirit of old-school rhythm & blues. The “Grams” LP is bookended by “Twig” & "Symbiosis" to begin & end on a hopeful note, lyrically & musically, but the album also delves into darker tones, commenting on universal struggles of identity on tracks like “Killer” & “High Life.” Influences of soul legends are apparent in both the singing of Chilean vocalist, Daniella Rojas & Chicago-native, Mike Vinopal, along with their contemporaries like Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, & Gary Clark Jr. This powerful new record from Local Motive is a fully-realized statement of new songs from the band that flows from start to finish, with loads of hooks that you’ll be whistling to yourself the next morning.
Charlie Otto is the front (and back) man of This Must be the Band, DJ noDJ, and Grood Music. Sometimes he plays acoustically, and for that he requires no extra band name. His songs are colorful, emotional, and short.


Sun. Oct. 08 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
Chicago indie trio Famous Laughs is a collection of never the same thing once, frequently- the memorable parts of a traffic jam, the bad handwriting from marginalia; the heavy, little sleepy thing in spilled moonlight, the penny behind the washer or dryer; the mood a freshly painted wall cold make, the third conversation about the weather today; the worst parts of freedom, the initial thrill of change; the famous laughs of your past, the best part of pancakes.
Chris Cheveyo is a singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas now based in Seattle, Wa. His debut album, "Dreamhouse" was released May 2017 on Union Zero Records. He is supported on tour by bassist, Raymond Lawford McCoy IV of the Killroom Records band, Charms. Drummer, Garrett Moore from the Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records now defunct band, Midday Veil, and photographer, Lauren Rodriguez on synthesizers.
FRAN - listen
Fran is a rock band that will grip u with hard-hitting lyrics set to simple, yet soaring melodies dreamed up thru years of listening to 60's pop, 90's indie rock, and Catholic church hymns. It's sexy rock u can cry to.


Wed. Oct. 11 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
LOCAL BOYS - listen
If John Wayne and Clint Eastwood adopted some orphans and forced them to busk at a young age those orphans may have formed the Local Boys. But they didn't so we had to do it ourselves. Rock and roll attitude with an alternative outlook, the Local Boys are gonna hit you hard with some soul.
We came, we saw, we shook. All bored humanoids, sexy pussybots, mutant aliens, zombie cavemen and bodacious cavewomen...come dance "The Goop", "The Beat Rocket Boogaloo" and "The Monkey" with Adam Adam and The Shakes.
Poppy Mallows is an independent rock band from Chicago, named for the wildflower sometimes found in the prairies of Illinois. Known to thrive in rocky soil, Poppy Mallows writes pop-ish songs rooted in rock and roll. Comprised of lifelong friends, Poppy Mallows (formerly Bloom) has over a decade of musical chemistry, contributing to their tight, calculated yet spontaneous live performances. Ever-balancing musical dualities --loud and soft, sweet and raucous-- Poppy Mallows sing a repertoire of human emotion including nostalgia, mundanity, shame, and yes, even love.
Punk rock for those who are too sad and tired for punk rock.


Thu. Oct. 12 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
SONNY FALLS - listen
Sonny Falls is the songwriting project of Chicagoan Ryan “Hoagie” Wesley Ensley, who has been playing in various projects in the city for a decade, and has just completed the first batch of many, many more collections of songs, entitled There’s No Magic Left in This World. The record combines pummeling drums and huge, fuzzy harmonizing guitars, all based around a raw lyricism that creates a unique, dark voice throughout the songs.
The band is rounded out by other veterans of the Chicago Diy scene; Matthew Rogowski of the Peekaboos, Jeff Pearlman of Rat Hammer, and Calvin Schaller of Supreme Nothing. The record was recorded and produced by Michael Macdonald of Oshwa in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.
YOUNG JESUS - listen
LA based dynamic rock band Young Jesus is for fans of a wide verity of music. Weather it's avant-garde jazz or rock this band has it all and knows what you need. They also enjoy reading books on metaphysics and cheese cake.
POPE - listen
Pope is a rock band for fans of late 80s and early 90s rock form New Orleans, LA. They like taking long walks in the park and eating whole tubs of ice cream.
COASTER - listen
Four guys from Chicago, taking it to the limit.


Fri. Oct. 13 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
THE HALLOW - listen
The Hallow are a Chicago rock band, drawing from such genres as hardcore, punk rock, and new wave, they have created a hybrid sound that will make you bleed from your eyes.
STILL ALIVE - listen
Punk/hardcore on the beach.
Avenues is a punk/power pop quartet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin formed in 2009 by Vin Smith (Guitar & Vocals), Joel Maske (Drums), Shawn Brooks (Guitar), and Scott Brooks (Bass).
DEAD WELLS - listen
Dead Wells is a punk band with former members of X Is For Eyes and Terribly Downhill.


Sat. Oct. 14 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Rest yourself in a rented room.
LAST GIANT - listen
On the heels of Last Giant’s 2015 debut record Heavy Habitat and two years of steady touring comes Memory Of The World, an inwardly drawn collection of 11 electrifying tracks. The album is infused with a deep and nuanced 70’s rock sound with progressive embellishments along the way and Last Giant continues to obliterate the pretty confines of everyday rock in this sophomore release. The album was engineered and co-produced by Larry Crane (Tape Op, Elliott Smith), mixed by Paul Malinowski (Shiner, The Life and Times) and mastered by Mike Nolte (Of Montreal). Last Giant doesn’t treat rock as sedentary form. They are bold. They’ve evolved and Memory Of The World is that bittersweet record, arriving at just the right moment, where facets of our culture seem steady and adrift.
Chicago's Sewingneedle is made up of three deeply troubled and unhealthy dudes. Turned loose on the world in 2011, its members (Cream Kickin' Drake, Reuben Eatin' Calvin, and Truly Upset For the Wrong Reasons Danny) were raised by a single father in the suburbs of the Greater Chicagoland area, communicating by only semaphore for years while their father toiled to pay for music lessons, brewery classes, and something called "Geophysics competitions". Dude never once got a thank you. Sewingneedle's first album came out in June of 2015, and pretty quickly they were compared to such great Chicago-based rock bands as Pinebender and .22. They transcend these comparisons, creating a pretty unholy noise that's equal parts melody, pummel, and sophistication. Or 1/3 part each, with a tiny bit more given to PUMMEL. They play as if they've known each other since little times. Which they have, if you remember the above-paragraph about their long-suffering, single father who worked endlessly for these ingrates. Sewingneedle has recently been in the studio, completing work on their next album, User Error. Recorded and mixed yet again by the hilarious and capable Greg Norman (GY!BE, Pinebender, Asunders, Bottomless Pit), this banger will be out sometime by the end of 2017. They plan on playing a few shows throughout the summer, and continue to ignore calls from their brilliant, broken father. Straight to voicemail, y'all. That's how they roll. – Ike Turner (Minutes, OUT), Sewingneedle band dad.
HUNGRY MAN - listen
When thinking of a band like "Hungry Man" the word "audacity" comes to mind; from their debut performance at this years PRF Thundersnow, the quartet of Jeff Fox, Eliya Gwetta, Jim Kamp, and Andy Kosinski performed six out of seven originally composed songs, and tacked on a cover for good measure. Now, that sounds like some no frills business, but the songs these men put forth were incredibly muscular, well honed salvos of rock and roll aggression. There was not a single clumsy misstep, unlike every other band that has had a debut performance. These jerks had the audacity to play every single song like we all had the record, like we all knew what was coming and like they had worked on them for years. This is the sound of a full figured band--enough space for everyone to breath and step into the light. Loud, taut, aggressive without beating you over the head with it. Instead of punching you in the teeth without thought, they've been eyeing you all night. They know what you've been doing wrong and they body you into the corner until you cool down and think about what you did. Are you good? Okay, you gonna walk out of here calmly now? Okay. This band man...bunch of audacious jerks, with their already realized ideas of how to be a seriously unique rock band. Thank god they didn't give the drummer a microphone.


Sun. Oct. 15 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
Cherry Cherry Bomb uses four Gameboys to perform original chiptunes. We play poppy music that sounds like it came from an unearthed, Nintendo-era classic. Its 8-bit music with sparkles and smiles.
General Joystick is a music project started by Ken Fritz in 2009 featuring a rotating lineup of friends and collaborators. While originally from Chicago, it was based in Nashville from 2012-2014. General Joystick strives to create instrumental rock music in a unique and ever-evolving manner.


Thu. Oct. 19 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
JAIME ROJO - listen
Jaime Rojo came to be in 2009 when Daniel Villarreal-Carillo (Wild Belle, Dos Santos) and Jim Drake (Mucca Pazza, Elephant Gun, Strange Lovelies) got together to play some of Jim's Bowie/Beatles-esque indie-rock in Woodstock, IL. They quickly learned of their mutual fascination for 1970s West African pop which bolstered them to create a new catalogue of music that was vibrant, dancy, and groovy. Teaming up with bassist Neal Neumann and guitarist Nathan Karagiannis (Dos Santos), the group garnered influences from the likes of Metronomy, the Clash, and Talking Heads (ala Remain in Light) to create their debut LP Running Mates. They have recently been joined onstage and in the studio by Vivian McConnell (Grandkids, Santah, Vivi Lightbody), who adds depth to the groove and melody of their sound. Jaime Rojo is currently recording a new LP.
A quirky mesh of folk rock and pop punk with inclinations toward the lo-fi/ambient spectrum. From sweeping synth textures to colorful layers of autoharp and steel guitar, their sound pivots across multiple genres to create a diverse sonic landscape.
COLOR CARD - listen
In 2008, long-time friends Eden Sierotnik and Kyle Irwin moved to Chicago in pursuit of creating music. Musicians already, they collaborated on songs and created demos in their apartment under the name Color Card. In 2009, Ben Kaufmann, then interning at Engine Studios, invited them to record a few of their songs. After recording at Engine, Sierotnik and Irwin continued to write and in 2010 they produced an EP entitled Zegary. Drawing from a folk aesthetic, much of the album was done with acoustic instruments. Though adding a minimal synthesized textures, however, the EP was recognized as an experimental record. The following year, they released another set of songs entitled Vacation, which demonstrated their improving production quality and songwriting. With a heavier focus on electric guitar and bass, their material became easier to perform live. With a selection of songs from both releases, Color Card performed at venues such as the Bottom Lounge, the Empty Bottle, the Beat Kitchen, the Whistler, and the Subterranean, among others around Chicago. They were also invited to perform on WESN 88.1 in Bloomington and have been aired on WLUW 88.7 and WBEW 89.5 in Chicago. In August of 2012, Color Card released their third collection of entitled So Long. It has already garnered attention from Chicago Tunes, the Whistler Blog, and the Chicago Reader. Fading out the use of an acoustic drumset, much of the percussion is synthesized. Irwin and Sierotnik harmonize for much of the record allowing their voices to blend with other instruments. The band continues to perform music from all three albums and is planning to begin writing new material in early 2013.
JUSTIN TURNER (of Tin Tin Can)
The former songwriter of Chicago band Tin Tin Can returns from a five year musical hiatus to debut 10 new songs. Themes of depersonalization and cosmic pain dominate as he explores the darker recesses of the human imagination through mid-tempo post-punk anthems.


Fri. Oct. 20 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Record release show for The Mons new album THE MONS TRUST NO ONE courtesy of Triple Eye Industries!
THE MONS (members of Mexican Cheerleader, The Mashers, Lynyrds Innards, and Apocalypse Hoboken)
You are probably wondering, "Who are these dudes and why are they bothering me?" If you know about Mexican Cheerleader, The Mashers, Lynyrd's Innards, Apocalypse Hoboken and countless other offshoots, chances are pretty good these are dudes you know. 5 dudes to be exact. 5 very good looking dudes.
VOLUNTEER - listen
Honest, real and uncompromisingly aggressive. Volunteer takes its listener back to that time, recalling the sounds of Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go. Featuring former members of Stock Options, Forstella Ford, Traitors and Gasoline Fight. This Milwaukee trio's no frills blend of noise, sludge and rock is straight and to the point. With a debut record coming this fall, Volunteer will continue to follow the same path.
LIP (members of The Arrivals, The Matics, and The Textbook Committee)
Lip is Mertz and Ronnie from The Matics, rounded out by Chris Landefeld on bass, picking up where that solid crew left off. Lip take the power, menace and precision of their former band and move it forward, distilled into a mean-burning, power trio.
PRIMER BLIND (formerly Comet & The Tree) - listen
A four piece soda pop rock band from around Chicago! Drawing from 90's post punk sprinkled in pixy sticks. Ex-members of Side Kick Kato, Ghosts and Vodka and Comet & the Tree.


Sat. Oct. 21 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Benefit show for Yollocalli who provide free artistic outlets for youths 13-24 yrs of age in the Pilsen! Check them out at yollocalli.org!
NO MEN - listen
Loud, bitter noise rock birthed in Austin, TX, currently located in Chicago. Queer, femme-fronted, the androgynous opposite of “yes men”, anti-everything. Equal parts 69, 420, and 666. Bass VI, dueling vocals, dual drums. No "guitar rock" allowed.
Chicago power trio. Rock riffs with unsettling, chanteuse-y vocals.
SALVATION - listen
Salvation is a Noise-Rock trio out of Chicago, IL. Over a pounding rhythm section provided by Vic Riley and Santiago Guerrero, the harsh screeching guitars leave some room for Jason Sipe's palatable yet tortured vocals. Royal Fucks was released on Tape and CD in 2015 (now out of print) and in March 2017, "Sore Loser" was released by Forge Again Records.
Three-piece, groove-worshipping, noise-punk out of Chicago.


Sun. Oct. 22 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Abbi Rajasekhar has been singing her stories around Chicago for the last 12 years. For years as a solo act, and more recently with a dreamy ensemble of vocals and strings creating powerfully unique yet nostalgic soundscapes. When you hear Abbi’s band every song is delightful and fresh while somehow still feeling like you’ve known each tune and lyric forever.
Tyler Sjöström’s gritty vocals and vintage guitar tones have reverberated from the Chicago music scene since the release of his freshman EP, What We Say We Are, at the end of 2014. Since his debut, rooted in Americana and Folk, Sjöström has released a his matured sound on a sophomore effort–Bones, Hold Me Up. Taking the stage with the simplistic evolution of his sound, Tyler employs his soulful vocals and a singular guitar to allow the listener to revel in his story. In his pursuit of meaning amidst complex realities, Sjöström’s visceral lyricism could very well rattle your bones.
Born in Detroit, Michigan, and now calling Chicago home, lifelong musician Jacob B. Little has cast an impressive presence on the folk and indie worlds. With songs that hone a masterful quality, telling a story of distance, loss, and life lived in between, his music has been described as "strong, subtle..." and often "evokes a sense of home” within his listeners. Little has recently been hard at work on his debut album and is looking forward to releasing it in the spring of 2018.


Wed. Oct. 25 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Drag the River is an alternative country band hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado! The band started in 1996 & has released 7 full lengths, 2 live records, 2 EPs and many 7 inches.
CHAD REX - listen
Chad Rex is alumni of Drag The River and is also in Armchair Martian. The people who know will be stoked.
Little Dave plays in The Arrivals. He also really likes Guided By Voices. So much so, that he fronts a GBV tribute band called Textbook Committee. He also does an amazing Ice-T impression, raps, and knows a lot about house music.

Sat. Oct. 28 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
mPshows.com and Rodriguez Presents: Halloween 2017!
Opening set at 10:30pm features Rodriguez's greatest hits including "Caribbean Queen" and "Candy!" At midnight, the band will perform Michael Jackson's Thriller album in its entirety!

Classic Rodriguez 9-piece band includes female and male lead singers, multiple percussionists, and a horn section as well as dancing, drinking, and costumes!

Sun. Oct. 29 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
JAZZ ROBOTS - listen
With a host of genre-bending compositions and driving grooves, the progressive jazz group Jazz Robots is out to deliver their infectious energy to the city of Chicago. Formed as a duo in 2013 by drummer Jonah Lazarus and violinist Scott Daniel, Jazz Robots quickly developed not only a repertoire of innovative original tunes but also a strong group rapport that reveals itself in their tightly woven instrumental textures and improvisations. Today, the band — typically supplemented by saxophonist Max Lazarus and bassist Caleb Allan, who appear on the group's debut EP "Jazz Robots Learn To Ride A Bike (With
Training Wheels)" — plays regularly in the Chicago area while continuing to craft their eclectic sound in a second EP, slated for recording this winter.
BLUE STEEL - listen
Blue Steel is an instrumental rock band comprised of three longtime friends. Drawing inspiration from math-rock, post-rock, progressive rock, jam music, and everything in between since 2013!
Cascader are an instrumental trio from Chicago exploring prog rock in three minute increments.

Thu. Nov. 02 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
Mobina Galore, based out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, are a vocally aggressive power chord punk rock duo formed in late 2010 by Jenna (guitar/vocals) and Marcia (drums/vocals).

Fri. Nov. 03 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
SHADOW AGE - listen
Post-Punk band from Richmond, Virginia.
Brooklyn's Dead Leaf Echo is an music/art collective that released their debut LP "Thought and Language" in 2013. The album had clear 4AD influences as it was mixed by John Fryer (Lush, NIN, Depeche Mode) with artwork by the label's legendary designer V23's Vaughan Oliver (Pixies, Bauhaus). Their latest EP "Strawberry.Skin" released in 2017 saw them working with Monte Vallier (Weekend, Wax Idols)and Guy Fixsen (MBV, WIRE) + Jorge Elbreht (Ariel Pink, No Joy) at Mexican Summer's studio in Greenpoint. They just returned from SXSW and a European tour this past May. The new LP is to be released on September 29th via Papercup Music. DLE has done multiple national tours over the past 3 years resulting in over 160 shows and taking them to SXSW, CMJ, NXNE, Northside Festival and everywhere in between. They've toured with Slumberland bands Weekend, Lorelei and played SXSW supporting Modern English, The Ocean Blue and the Warlocks and on the West Coast playing with Beach Fossils and the Telescopes at The Echo. They also played Desert Stars festival with the Lemonheads and Lou Barlow in the Joshua Tree Desert last year.
SILENT AGE (members of Population and Wingtips) - listen
Post-punk, new romantic, goth from Chicago.
GANSER - listen
Last Fall, Ganser’s This Feels Like Living saw the band exploring new edges of their post-punk roots. Keeping their ambivert energy, they began investigating more angular territory. Both TFLL and the advance a/b single Pyrrhic Victory saw positive reception and premieres from outlets like Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, Afropunk, CVLT Nation, and others. Since then, the song “Strategies for Living” was featured along with Mount Eerie and others on Gezellig Record’s compilation Is There Another Language benefitting the ACLU, featured in Pitchfork, Spin, AV Club, and other publications. Currently they are at work on new material for their first full length, Odd Talk.

Sat. Nov. 04 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
OVEF OW - listen
OVEF OW is a 4-piece rock band that formed in the spring of 2015. The band's lineup features Marites Velasquez (bass), Sarah Braunstein (drums), Kyla Denham (synth) and Nick Barnett (guitar). Over the past year, the quartet has quickly built a following in the Chicago indie-music scene around their surf and garage/punk-inspired and multi-vocalist sound. They draw influences from Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, and the B-52s.
KODAKROME - listen
Kodakrome is an electro-punk band from Chicago. Combined with layers of synth hooks and driving guitar lines, our music is punchy, energetic, and visceral.
It all started in 1743, when the Colonel took off to sea on the 80 gun ship, "The Tonnant". Just before it was destroyed in 1780, the unexpected happened. Jim and Don were cruising around in Zenith Tower, and noticed a horse hovering in the air. As we mounted the horse it was soon realized, there was a time-traveling jetpack attached to his back. It all happened so fast, but very slow for some, and others enjoyed carrots. As we hit the launch button on the jetpack, the horse screamed through the air, and we ended up on "The Tonnant" in 1780. The Colonel quickly jumped on, and we set to the air once more, watching the ship sink behind us. He thanked us, and asked how we found his horse. Soon after, there was a major funk in the propulsion system, and we ended up landing in Acid Face Jungle, and stuck in the year 2007. That's where this story all begins. Ten days had past, five had not, and Tom and Phil recovered our time traveling jetpack horse, which was unrepairable, and brought us to their not so secret Castle of Indifference. There the Colonel tested his first potion,which turned us into the greatest band the world has never seen, but subsequently changed him into Colonel Chloroform. The Colonel continually works on reversing the course of events that led him here, but knows...time may be running out...literally, because the Colonel's horse is very hungry, and only knows how to eat time. There is a potion however, that will mend the rift. The Colonel tirelessly works on this, and we are able to stretch time for him by creating new music.
GHOST APE - listen
The post-doom duo Ghost Ape weds sludge and stoner doom guitar fuzz with chopped-and-screwed drum beats, all in a grimy, slow-and-low fog that will please fans of Earth, Sleep, Sunn 0))) and Schoolly D. Guitarist J Mlodzinski is a veteran of numerous Chicago bands (Imperial Battlesnake, American Musk Ox) and bassist Andy Freivogel is an afro-cuban priest and amateur birdwatcher.

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RAD PAYOFF - listen
Rad Payoff continues to be one of the most cursed bands in the biz. Maybe it's because they use words like "BIZ."
ROAR - listen
"Though it’s easy to devote the bulk of discussion to the more technical aspects of ROAR’s evolution as a band, their true strength lies not in their influences or instruments, but instead in Owen Evans’ seemingly natural compositional strength. The man behind ROAR has been compared to Brian Wilson by numerous publications, a comparison that is not made lightly. Evans’ sense of emotional movement and dynamic contrast is astounding, allowing him to weave through dark lyrical topics gracefully in what some might consider to be the graceless medium of wall-of-sound pop. “Impossible Animals” rarely goes all out, but when it does (in a reworked version of “Hope”, for instance) the results induce shivers. In the span of an almost frustratingly brief 28 minutes, ROAR prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their finished work is worth the wait. Rather than becoming discouraged, listeners should be ecstatic if Owen Evans takes as long to complete his next album as he did for this one." - Soren Spicknall, TechNews
THE GUNSHY - listen
"While it's easy to classify Silent Songs as a return, I see it more as a celebration. A heart felt love letter to music and what it has given Arbogast (and letting go of what its taken from him too). There is genuine inspiration and salvation in these songs. The disappointment of seeing peers pack it in is real, but so is the joy he takes from the memories, the tours and people he's met. He is excited as he is reflective. This is a look back at the last ten years, but it's also an artist being able to exist entirely in the moment, unfazed by the state of music or what the future will bring. In reality, the full band feel of these songs is a reinvention of The Gunshy sound. It's as much punk rock as a solitary, bar room prophet. Gang vocals, triumphant horns, swells of strings and a quickened pace all give these songs a more vibrant finish. Arbogast can still pen delicate finger picked ballads (Getting High in Denver / Ten Years) but it's the energetic, raw numbers that really define this LP. Arbogast has found a new sound, a new well of creativity from which he can draw. Silent Songs is a manifesto of sorts, a reason to keep singing, writing, and touring. A reason to keep living and keep loving. We all need reason to keep the blood coursing through our veins, and search for the cause that makes us willing to let our blood stain the fields of battle." - Herohill
MILKED - listen
Milked is the project of Kelly Johnson (ex-Geronimo!). You can place your dislike or indifference of its music squarely on his shoulders. The rest of Geronimo! comprises the live band for Milked. Geronimo! is still good friends. The songs from Death on Mars, Milked’s first “proper” full-length, were written by Kelly Johnson in the spring/summer of 2015, right after Geronimo! ended. They were recorded with Nicholas Papaleo through the summer of 2015 – fall of 2016. The album features Matt Schwerin (ex-Geronimo!), and Andrew and Nate Lanthrum (Troubled Hubble).

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FAKE LIMBS - listen
Fake Limbs are a four piece rock band from the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Since 2011 the band has been bro-trolling various parts of North America with their brand of "social justice street rock." Muscular riffs, a dense and reliable rhythm section, actual guitar solos, and a damaged holler into the void of present day monstrosities, in a vain and feeble attempt to right the wrongs that society has levied against the world. For their third album, "Matronly," Fake Limbs returned to Electrical Audio with the crew that set the table for their previous album, "The Power Of Patrician Upbringing." What you have here is a gradual progression from the bands previous work--trip wires of bombastic rhythms, blown out echoey shouts of love and the occasional misgivings, and blinding, but precise guitar destruction. It's time to get up, it's time to love again, it's time for Fake Limbs.
BUILDINGS - listen
We've been a band for a number of years now. Changing, growing, just how things should be.
DEN - listen
Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter. Nuclear winter jams for seedy space dives.
Ribbonhead is a three piece from Chicago settled somewhere in the neighborhood of hardcore/post-hardcore/punk/post-punk. All explosive intensity, spit and sweat flying.

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