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Tue. Oct. 21
18+ / Township - 8PM

Wed. Oct. 22
18+ / Township - 8PM

Thu. Oct. 23
18+ / Township - 8PM

Fri. Oct. 24
21+ / Township - 8PM

Sat. Oct. 25
All ages / Township - 6PM

Sat. Oct. 25
21+ / Township - 10PM

Sun. Oct. 26
All ages / Township - 6PM

Sun. Oct. 26
21+ / Township - 8PM

Mon. Oct. 27
21+ / Township - 8PM

Tue. Oct. 28
Timebomb Tuesday
21+ / Township - 8PM


Mon. Oct. 20 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Dope Body are one of the only underground bands in existence brave enough to claim Rage Against the Machine as a formative influence. The Baltimore-based noise-punk quartet embraces the signature sounds of the alternative nation, but uses pedals, loops, and off-kilter rhythms to pummel its teenage heroes into blurry abstraction. Borrowing from punk-funk and nu-metal as much as spazz-core and pigfuck, the group plays Dr. Moreau with a decade's worth of MTV buzz clips.
Three-piece Chicago punk band. Please, watch what you say around these guys, for fans of hot snakes, abba, les savy fav, detachment kit, shellac and Katy Perry.
GERONIMO! - listen
We are a three piece rock band from the fine city of Chicago. One time we watched an episode of 'Walker Texas Ranger' and a guy said, "Shut up because I'm doing something." Another time we were supposed to play a house where a circus lived, but we played a party across the street instead (after we watched a blind man grope a potato).
Members of The Brokedowns, Vicelords, Wide Angles, The House That Gloria Vanderbilt, Post Child, Closed Mouths, and more because of you know.


Tue. Oct. 21 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
A punk band from Portland, OR with a record out on No Sleep Records.
COASTER - listen
Four guys from Chicago, taking it to the limit.
Jack Torrance is punk band from Chicago and Lake County, IL. Currently working on an album, with a single due to be released in late October.


Wed. Oct. 22 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
TOMBS - listen
TOMBS tap into the infinite well of emotion and expression on their astounding new full-length Path of Totality. Recorded by John Congleton (Baroness, Explosions in the Sky), Path of Totality is a massive step forward in songwriting and scope for the trio. Path of Totality finds TOMBS achieving what their previous recordings had always hinted at – an ultimately heavy and nuanced fusion of their disparate influences. “Bloodletters” and “Constellations” see the band flex its prodigious muscle; “Vermillion” and “Cold Dark Eyes” wrap arms of blackened misery around the listener, while the profound sadness of “Silent World” and “Passageways” further explores the trio’s UK post-punk influences. With Path of Totality, TOMBS has come into their own as one of the finest heavy bands in the world.
VATTNET VISKAR (Century Media Records)
Of late, black metal in the United States-- however excellent it might have been-- has often hinged on headlines and talking points. But Vattnet Viskar has no manifesto with which to proselytize, no extreme ideology or infamy over which to bicker, and no yarn about life on the ol' Cascadian farm with which to allure. Sure, to an extent, they're vegan environmentalists from Plaistow, New Hampshire, a town so seemingly quaint that its official history includes a proud section about something called "The Deodorized Order of the Skunk" and another about how local Girl Scouts have "helped shape the moral and civic sensibilities of Plaistow girls for many decades." Aside from some surprisingly wide-eyed lyrics that explore general themes of existential nihilism and a desire to tear down antiquated systems and build anew, none of those concerns really become a factor here. Vattnet Viskar is simply a strong start from a band that has tapped into the current transmogrification of black metal and proclaimed-- quickly, restlessly, and enthusiastically-- that it has something to say about the process.
- Pitchfork
BEAK - listen
Beak's adept combination of blistering heaviness and melodic prog-rock sits within the traditions of Chicago's post metal landscape – at the same time fitting as well with the likes of Neurosis, Godflesh, Isis, and Killing Joke. Even before an official release, Beak has provided direct support for Killing Joke, as well as sharing the stage with Pentagram, Anvil, Weedeater, Mouth of the Architect, and more.


Thu. Oct. 23 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Influenced by the shadowy, dark pop majesty of Queens of the Stone Age and the downright possessed guitar work of Jack White, North by North have sweated it out in basements and clubs over the last four years, working up to just what their debut album turns out to be: a spastic, yet finely-honed journey to where garage rock, 70's psych and arena anthems meet. Once there, guitarist/vocalist Nate Girard, keyboardist/vocalist Kendra Blank and drummer Dylan Andrews sound completely at home, taking the listener through brave, literate tales of mystery that are painted with frantic guitar, whirring organ and heart-pounding rhythms.
The Traveling Suitcase is a 3-piece rock outfit from Oshkosh, WI. Starting in 2010, the Suitcase has been unpacking all over the country having toured to Seattle, Nashville, Colorado, and all over the Midwest. Their musical amalgamation slams their listeners into a world of medicinal bass lines, teeth whitening guitar solos, and ecstatic songs that awaken our inner child. Those fortunate enough to experience a Traveling Suitcase performance are sure to come back again for another listen, and then another, for the band excels in bringing large groups of people back in line with reality. Drawing influence from the musical styling’s of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and My Morning Jacket; Traveling Suitcase creates a landscape of dominate independent rock and roll. Breaking loose from tradition, lead singer/drummer Nicole Rae is sparked with emotion, animation and discipline. Rae's voice and lyrics are captivating while the band collectively compliments each performance. Blending music from every corner of time and style, Suitcase packs authenticity. If the band had to be summed up in one word, it would be grooverockatronalonothon.
Republic of Lights are five people from Chicago, and they play pop rock. They mix classic and contemporary sounds to make meticulously constructed songs that are at once fresh and familiar. Noblewomen have been known to describe them as "mad, bad, and dangerous to know."
AKTAR AKTAR - listen
Aktar Aktar is an all original rock band with a sound like a tightrope act of modern American/British rock swinging over a safety net of the classics.


Fri. Oct. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
RAPIDS - listen
Rapids is a 4 piece Indie rock band with punk and emo influences. We used to play in Slapstick, The Love Shots and Dead End Days.
HANALEI - listen
Hanalei is the moniker for the solitary, and often minimalist sonic endeavors of Brian Moss. Things are generally quiet, and generally rife with narratives, but don't stress, there's an occasional scream thrown in for good measure here and there, and no one's taking this shit too seriously anyhow. Moss has played in an array of other, and far louder projects including Great Apes, Olehole, and The Ghost. Whatever.
ELI CATERER (of Smoking Popes)
Eli Caterer has played guitar and bass with Smoking Popes, Duvall, Colossal, Falcon, Sundowner, and Treasure Fleet. Eli now plays with himself. And sings.
WAR BRIDES - listen
War Brides follow in a long line of Midwest post-hardcore, calling to mind the sounds of Slint and Shiner with echoes of 1000 Hurts era Shellac. Their music, however, is by no means dated, as they slot just as comfortably alongside contemporaries like noise rock’s Pissed Jeans and post-metal’s (and fellow Chicagoans) Pelican.


Sat. Oct. 25 - 6:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
GLYDERS - listen
Glyders are a three-piece formed in Chicago. They play rock n roll inspired by r&b, soul and everyday events. Powered by the spontaneous perspectives of Joshua Condon (guitar, vocals), Eliza Weber (bass) and Ryan Rader (drums), Glyders are not afraid to take themselves seriously while smiling at the same time.
The Cut Worms are a Chicago rock and roll group that is fairly new on the scene. They're a three piece (guitar, bass and drums) that play 60's/70's style rock and roll with a hint of old-time country. The Cut Worms are a new group but the members are not new to the scene -- Max Clarke played in The Sueves , Josh Condon plays in The Glyders , and Andrew Harper has a psychedelic electronic act called Highlighter. The Cut Worms, however, are something else altogether -- Rock and roll true-to-form with good hooks, solid melodies and just the right amount of raunch.
DEEPER - listen
Deeper are a five-piece dream pop band from Chicago, IL. Nick Gohl (Guitar/Vocals), Caroline Campbell (Vocals), Mike Clawson (Guitar), Ben Taylor (Bass) and Shiraz Bhatti (Drums) are on a sensual voyage of sweeping guitar riffs, colorful vocal harmonies and oceans of reverb. Deeper are a curious alliance with a knack for merging distance and desire.


Sat. Oct. 25 - 10:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
THE GNAR - listen
Gritty synth pop at some college party in Chicago.
We're a noisy surf-rock duo from Chicago, IL. jeremy Marsan on guitar & Phil Courtright on drums.
JOLLY KOREA - listen
Jolly Korea is a 5 piece rock group from Chicago, IL. They are fronted by Eugene Kalsted, dual guitar work supplied by Peter Nafziger and Kevin Kalal, Roger Connelly on bass guitar, and Matt Nafziger behind the drum kit.


Sun. Oct. 26 - 6:00 pm - All ages -
Weekly rotating hosts, mic will be the host’s call. You may get 3 min, 4 min, or 6. It’s up the host. Sheeeit, you may have to sit and wait for 8. ; )
This hot mess coordinated by the original overlord, monte lamonte.


Sun. Oct. 26 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
WHIPPED - listen
Whipped play driving, noisy, pentatonic and melodic sing-along songs delivered with the punctuality midwesterners and the Brits are known for. They shout about things like the ins and outs of patent trolling in a information economy and the day the robots breakdance to express their sentient independence from the shackles of man's patriarchy.
Light the Fuse want to inject a little fun back into punk rock. Combining years of songwriting and rocking on both sides of The Pond, LTF feature members who have toured across the country in support of hometown and regional acts like Allister, Flatfoot 56, The Fold, and Motion City Soundtrack.
DIRTY KILLS - listen
Slop Punk from Ontario.
Loud, brash, and thrashy punk band from Chicago with 0 fucks given.


Mon. Oct. 27 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
MOONER - listen
Mooner was formed in Portland, OR in 2007. Brothers Lee and David Ketch grew up listening to Wilco, Television and Tom Petty and recorded and played together throughout the Portland area. College brought them to Chicago, IL where they now live. Multiple versions of the live band have come and gone. One band in Portland was made up of their 14-year-old brother, their 50-year-old father and their half-Japanese friend. Another band in Chicago was comprised of their college housemates and friends.
TWINS - listen
From the bowels of the pop universe a band of true misfits rise from the ash of the rock and roll tradition. Guided by the ghosts of Lennon & McCartney, Chilton & Bell and the Davies Brothers, this group has taken it upon themselves to stand as the torchbearers of the teenage wasteland, the point men of power pop, the pied piper's of the entire guitar rock and roll institution!! Here are TWINS!
The Thons are a Chicago surf garage punk rock band. They won The Deli Chicago band of the month contest in November 2013 and have been listed as a band to watch on For The Love Of Punk’s “Scene Watch” column. They’ve written, recorded and released two eight track all live take studio albums since August 2013 and a live performance album recorded at DIY space Young Camelot. Their self-released debut album “Raw. Real. Rock.” was listed on WZRD 88.3FM’s list of “Top Unknown Albums of 2013” alongside Parquet Courts, Hoax and Off With Their Heads. They have been featured on Chicago Mixtape and interviewed on radio and podcast programs including WXRT’s Local Anesthetic, WZRD 88.3 FM’s “Thursday Night Live,” Fearless Radio and Columbia Chicago’s WCRX.

Timebomb Tuesday

Tue. Oct. 28 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Free listening party for Rancid's brand new album "Honor Is All We Know!"
Timebomb Tuesday
So pretty much everyone likes Rancid, right? Well then let's party with hooligan DJs spinning Rancid and Rancid related projects all night long! There will be sweet drink specials and good vibes aplenty!


Wed. Oct. 29 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Regular Oatmeal is a Chicago emo 3 piece singing/shouting about things.
LITTLE GIRLS (Death From Above 1979 Cover Set)
A Tandem Bicycle. A Parasitic Twin. KY "Mine & Yours". 2 Girls 1 Cup. Playing the DFA1979 Hits and the d33p cuts. Sam's not very good at the drums and Alan's not very good at the Bass. Let's do it!
PUCKER UP (Lemonheads Cover Set)
Jason Duarte has played in a bunch of bands. Now he's playing some classic jams from The Lemonheads solo style. It's gonna be fun.


Thu. Oct. 30 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
THE BLUE RIBBON GLEE CLUB (mbrs of a number of popular Chicago bands) - listen
A co-ed ensemble, performing songs not only with their voices, but also with costumes, dance and spectacle. Chicago's first punk rock choir!
Spears & Gears, the steampunk Britney Spears tribute band!
What would Halloween be without Misfit covers? We don't want to find out.
Three ghouls with deep investment in Chicago's punk scene pay dastardly homage to the city's own morbid pop punk three peice, Alkaline Trio. Try not to cringe.


Fri. Oct. 31 - 7:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
LOST TRIBE (Members of Aghast, Empty Grave, Syndrome, and Caves Caverns)
LOST TRIBE hail from Richmond Virginia and play a looming and powerful brand of dark punk. For fans of Vex, Killing Joke, Samhain and bands of recent times like Cemetary, Arctic Flowers, Belgrado and Moral Hex. This is one not to be missed.
POPULATION (members of No Slogan & Ultratumbados) - listen
Emerging as a new direction from key members of Chicago’s Pilsen hardcore scene, comes the starkly contrasted Population, seeping out of the darkness with a pummeling morosity, frantic Factory Records hooks, and the grim misery of drowning while dreaming. What comes out is an impeccable specimen of jarring post punk force, met with melodic flourishes and kept in time with a furious rhythm pulling you deeper into their irresistible web. Just as how Christian Death uniquely emerged from shards of the California hardcore community over 30 years ago, this tightly-wound unit delves deep into the early 80s underworld, artfully intertwining tenebrous synth lines with desolate bass runs to form a monolithic, impenetrable coldness that always hits the spot, even in the dead of winter.
Death rock performed by some mysterious people in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Fri. Oct. 31 - 10:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Benefit for Pure Joy, a nonprofit all-ages accessible music venue and community event space in Chicago!
GNUMAN - Half beast, full on Gary Numan tribute band. Featuring members of Hook, Lynyrds Innards, Deminer, and Men Without Hats.
Members of Dearborn SS, Ottawa, and featuring Robert Strickland, Chelsea Voulgares and Chris Bijalba doing covers of The Sound!
Members of Full On and Los Crudos, with the lovely and talented Kristen, the former lead of her high school production of South Pacific on vocals for Descendents covers!
Members of Storm Clouds, Multiple Truths, Rash and Canadian Rifle doing Lifetime covers!
Members of Anatomy of Habit, Pelican, Radar Eyes, Basic Cable, and Allá doing Screeching Weasel covers.
Members of Family Secrets, Cold Lovers, and Warrior Tribes doing Big Black covers!


Sat. Nov. 01 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Raised in the backwoods country of Monroe County, Indiana, Austin Lucas was born into a folk and bluegrass lineage. His father, Bob Lucas, is an accomplished musician and performer in his own right, having earned songwriting credits on two of Allison Krauss’ albums. Learning to harmonize before learning to read, Lucas honed his vocal control as a member of the nationally-acclaimed Indiana University Children’s Choir. In a narrative as well-worn as it is true, Lucas rebelled against his upbringing, leaving his Americana roots for the catharsis of punk rock. After the better part of a decade spent criss-crossing the globe with a series of bands in broken-down vans, Lucas hit a musical glass-ceiling, eventually finding respite for his ringing ears in the delicacy of traditional songcraft.
Matt Goud (aka Northcote) may take you by surprise when he steps up to the mic. Though the soft-spoken Goud is known by friends and family as a gentle giant, he infuses his original songs with a uniquely powerful and confident voice. Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, his early exposure to music was a mix of traditional country on AM radio and the hymns he learned at his childhood church. However, it wasn't until he discovered punk and hardcore music that he realized music’s healing and therapeutic power. Over the past 8 years, few young musicians in Canada have put on as many miles as Goud who toured for years as a member of a post-hardcore band and has more recently transitioned into life on the road as a singer/songwriter with accompaniment by an ever-rotating slew of guests and friend musicians.
JAYKE ORVIS - listen
A founding member of The .357 String Band and current member of the Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis is ahead of his time even though he plays timeless music. The songs on his solo effort “It’s All Been Said” are articles of the heart, exposing Orvis as a fragile, troubled soul. His depictions of love are raw and blue, the pages of his life littered throughout this album.
Caleb Caudle’s last album, Tobacco Town brought him national exposure upon its release in 2012. With Blurt Magazine noting “…jaw-droppingly fine songs steeped in classic Earle, Clark, McMurtry and Van Zandt,” Caudle decided to take his Americana-rich songs out on the road. In just a year, Caudle has played over 300 shows in 30 plus states, performed on the web-radio sensation Daytrotter, and even found time to pack up all of his belongings to make the move from North Carolina to New Orleans.
Jason Douglass Swearingen (ex-Love And Squalor) plays acoustic songs with elements of country, pop and punk.


Sun. Nov. 02 - 5:00 pm - All ages -
Weekly rotating hosts, mic will be the host’s call. You may get 3 min, 4 min, or 6. It’s up the host. Sheeeit, you may have to sit and wait for 8. ; )
This hot mess coordinated by the original overlord, monte lamonte.


Sun. Nov. 02 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Timmy’s Organism, the solo alter-ego of Human Eye frontman and Clone Defects mastermind Timmy Vulgar, along with members of Hamtramck’s Terrible Twos. Traversing the gap between the disjointed Helios Creed-inspired work of Human Eye’s skronky punk and more spacey, out there explorations, Timmy’s Organism is the next logical step in a family of Michigan noise that includes the now defunct Pirhanas as well as Tentacle Lizardo, The Frustrations, Reptile forcefield and even Tyvek. More stripped down and raw than anything Human Eye has done to date but no less intense.
LE TOUR - listen
Le Tour plays super intense raw psychedelic punk music. They recently finished their first full length album "Terra Eyes" and plan to release it in early 2015. Previously the band has issued four cassettes on local labels Notes and Bolts and Golden Beast mostly centering around a stream-of-conscious aesthetic spawned from frontman Patrick Campbell's obsessive demoing on 4-track cassette.
MAMA - listen
Power Pop and Rock and Roll get naked and steal a car- your car.


Mon. Nov. 03 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
CLEARANCE - listen
Clearance was started in Chicago in 2013 by Mike Bellis and Arthur Velez. The pair first played together in Ann Arbor basements as the Fine Printers in 2011, combing through half-remembered covers by Television and the Velvets. Clearance debuted with the 7" EP "Dixie Motel Two-Step" in April 2013, released on the band's own Microluxe imprint. Another 7" EP, "Greensleeve," followed in January 2014.
LURES - listen
The waves Lures ride aren’t sunshiney California Big Kahunas. No, these are dark and stormy Northwestern waves: cold, damp, and foggy. Picture Ian Curtis wearing an all black old-timey 1900s bathing suit, standing on the Olympic Peninsula, staring out at the ocean but never dipping his toes in because it’s way too chilly. Romantic, sad, and aqueous. - Seattle Weekly
DEEPER - listen
Deeper are a five-piece dream pop band from Chicago, IL. Nick Gohl (Guitar/Vocals), Caroline Campbell (Vocals), Mike Clawson (Guitar), Ben Taylor (Bass) and Shiraz Bhatti (Drums) are on a sensual voyage of sweeping guitar riffs, colorful vocal harmonies and oceans of reverb. Deeper are a curious alliance with a knack for merging distance and desire.
JOLLYS - listen
Sautéed in the grease of their frontman's hair, Jollys is an array of common vegetables that have rotted just enough to be mistaken for organic.

Tue. Nov. 04 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -

Wed. Nov. 05 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
This Philly outfit plays music for "grown–up punks." I'm not sure if that's necessarily true as the band's background, touring history and all–around response to its relatively short discography collectively point to the fact that its appeal spans generations of music fans. From hardcore, post–punk, shoegaze, ameriicana, roots rock and even stoner metal, the overwhelming consensus that Restorations' singular sound is difficult to pin down (though it's fun to try) and originates from an undeniably earnest place.
We are a shitty five man band from Melbourne who enjoy mock meat and alcohol. We play heaps of shows and tour lots because it's fun. We have an album out on Poison City Records called "No One Gets Lost Anymore" and a 7" out on Jackknife called "South East Facing Wall". If you want us to play anywhere/time we will. Love you.
THE GUNSHY - listen
"While it’s easy to classify Silent Songs as a return, I see it more as a celebration. A heart felt love letter to music and what it has given Arbogast (and letting go of what its taken from him too). There is genuine inspiration and salvation in these songs. The disappointment of seeing peers pack it in is real, but so is the joy he takes from the memories, the tours and people he’s met. He is excited as he is reflective. This is a look back at the last ten years, but it’s also an artist being able to exist entirely in the moment, unfazed by the state of music or what the future will bring. In reality, the full band feel of these songs is a reinvention of The Gunshy sound. It’s as much punk rock as a solitary, bar room prophet. Gang vocals, triumphant horns, swells of strings and a quickened pace all give these songs a more vibrant finish. Arbogast can still pen delicate finger picked ballads (“Getting High in Denver” / “Ten Years”) but it’s the energetic, raw numbers that really define this LP. Arbogast has found a new sound, a new well of creativity from which he can draw. Silent Songs is a manifesto of sorts, a reason to keep singing, writing, and touring. A reason to keep living and keep loving. We all need reason to keep the blood coursing through our veins, and search for the cause that makes us willing to let our blood stain the fields of battle." - Herohill
This Chicago outfit, The Sky We Scrape, plays a hybrid style of hardcore and heavy punk rock. The band’s raw emotion is offset by interesting song structures and instrumentation. TSWS display inventive songwriting and pay real attention to the soundscapes they create, pounding out 3 minute heavy novellas on the concrete walls of blue collar Chicago.

Thu. Nov. 06 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Get Out of the Car is not scared of your ghosts. They care not for your casual indulgences, your impassioned pleas, or your photos of brunch. They are geared to exorcise, to grind, to blow and most essentially, to Rock. They are here to ensure that the Ancestral Beings of Rock Action and the emerging Templars of the New Rock Eternal do not converge to catch you innocents off swivel and give you the Homan Ave beatdown you might not have known you had coming. Stay vigilant, Get Out of the Car is honing their Rock Tools on the stuff of stars and are lighting out for new territories.
The Great Crusades look at life through a shot glass lens on mixing anger, muscle, and minor-key remorse like a roughneck with the bonus of a singer who's got the tubercular pipes of Tom Waits and Axl Roses's love child.
The Bama Lamas came together over their love for old scratchy R&B, Soul, and Rock 'N Roll 45s. Throw in some beer and you have one greasy stew of red hot Rock 'N Roll! Dig it...

Fri. Nov. 07 - 6:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Carly Comando and Tom Patterson are two people who carry the weight of an entire band. Their set-up is simple: Carly is on keys and Tom plays drums. They do things with these instruments that most bands can’t do with a standard set up: they cram the sonic space they are in. Originally this was actually the case as they began as a three-piece featuring Jeff Cunningham and Latterman’s Pat Schramm. But narrowing it down to a duo in 2006 did no harm; Carly’s keyboard seems to take on the role of several more people as it adds multiple dimensions to their sound. 2008’s Their Dreams are Dead, but Ours is the Golden Ghost was a seminal release for their entry onto the scene. With Carly from Long Island and Tom from the Lehigh Valley (PA), their home-turfs both came with built-in popular support as they romped the DIY all-ages show circuit. In it, they blew away audiences with their at-times more sober lines like “I’m gonna love you till the day I die” juxtaposed with moments of their swelling pop sound. When Tom isn’t screenprinting (he does everything from gig posters to commercial ventures to fine art) and Carly isn’t music licensing, they are refining their highly-anticipated album, Dark Hearts, set to come out this year.
THE CITY ON FILM (Bob Nanna of Braid, Hey Mercedes, and Lifted Bells)
The City on Film is the official name of Bob Nanna's solo act. He began solo recordings in 1997 during the off–time between Braid tours. These recordings began to accumulate, and in May 2004 he recorded I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk (his first solo EP) in a Salt Lake City hotel room during a Hey Mercedes tour. Thus far, he has released three EPs, an LP, and a 7" vinyl, and several split EPs. The City on Film's sound is generally lighter, slower, and more cerebral than that of either Braid or Hey Mercedes. There are several lyrical connections and similarities across all three acts but The City On Film is definitely it's own brand of musical goodness.
The Kinks…The Turtles…The Stooges…The Ramones…The Buzzcocks…The Replacements…The Traveling Wilburys…The Please & Thank Yous.
Emo campfire.

Sat. Nov. 08 - 5:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
THE UNGOMES - listen
"The Ungnomes play straightforward punk rock that owes a lot to west-coast bands of the 80s, like Black Flag or the Adolescents. The songs are speedy and snotty, and lyrical subject matter ranges from childish nihilism ("Religion is stupid!") to childish commentary on local politics (one song is called "Fuck Kill Rahm"). They're by no means breaking down any boundaries or forging new musical frontiers, but that's what makes it so great. This is spirited punk rock made by excited kids, and listening to it makes me excited. The music is played with a lot of skill too; what I hear are four young musicians with bright futures ahead of them." - Luca Cimarusti, The Reader
L. MOUNTS - listen
L. Mounts is a singer/songwriter from Chicago who is continuously compared to his biggest influence, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. When he’s not worshipping at the shrine of JD, he’s listening to Metallica cassettes alone in his room, because in his mind it’s 1986 and he’s not eighteen. Before beginning work with emo/punk duo Palestrina and experimental/noise duo Love Capacity, L. finished his ninth studio album, “Love Beats The Demon,” which was the product of getting really bummed out and becoming obsessed with Johnny Cash. His emo/folk/indie rock hybrid and 40+ release digital catalog is all his secret plot to one day earn the title of “The R. Stevie Moore of Emo,” though he’s perfectly okay with being, as one reviewer said, “a blues version of Joy Division with Celtic influence tossed in a blender with Sun Kil Moon.”
PANQ NG - listen
Chicago music collective. Several bands as one. Everyone can make music!
TELL TALE - listen
Singer-Songwriter from Illinois.

Sat. Nov. 08 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Regressive Films Presents
DVD Release Screening of Sacrificial Youth! A Hardcore Musical!

Sacrificial Youth is a Hardcore Punk musical that tells the story of TJ, a teenager caught at the crossroads. When a multi-national corporation hatches an evil plot of biblical proportions to destroy The Scene, TJ is forced to accept his fate as the chosen one to stand up and fight back.This is the second feature film from Regressive Films, the folks that brought you the acclaimed documentary "You Weren't There-A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984". Original soundtrack composed by Joe Losurdo and performed by members of Tutu & The Pirates, Strike Under, Mentally Ill, Life Sentence, Rights Of The Accused, Regress, Negative Element, Cursive, Nora O'Connor, Bobby Conn, Cattivo, Regal Standard, the Goblins, and more. Directed by Joe Losurdo
Old Tyme Chicago Punkestra will perform Sacrificial Youth's original soundtrack live featuring members of Life Sentence, Rights Of The Accused, Tutu & The Pirates, Nora O’Connor, and other Surprise Guests!
Spinning Punk Dusties & Golden Greats til your bones ache!

Sun. Nov. 09 - 6:00 pm - All ages -
Weekly rotating hosts, mic will be the host’s call. You may get 3 min, 4 min, or 6. It’s up the host. Sheeeit, you may have to sit and wait for 8. ; )
This hot mess coordinated by the original overlord, monte lamonte.

Mon. Nov. 10 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Futuristic Dragon Mission Statement: Perform/record the music of Marc Bolan & T-Rex. Formed in the 90s by Jeff Wilson, Edward Bock. Dave Rix is also a member, original bassist.
The Artist Formally Known as Vince has been performing and recording for the last ten years with a number of bands and as a solo artist in Chicago. Drawing inspiration from 70's era glam rock to Cheap Trick, the resulting mix is a style of rock revival with a Midwestern twist.
Combining elements of pop, hard rock, and synthy new wave coldness, Little Missiles writes and performs catchy hook-laden original indie pop music.

Tue. Nov. 11 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
From its roiling first chords, Wild’s End, the debut full-length from Chicago, IL transplants Typesetter, exhibits a certain turmoil. The sentiment might be most explicit in “Obvious Imperfections,” the opening track on which guitars snarl and nip at drums that careen, baring teeth, into the tussle. “The worst fucking time of year,” guitarists and singers Marc Bannes and Kyle McDonald roar together during a turbulent chorus, “When everything is covered in dirty snow and jaded reasons for living / I think that you’re only in love because you’re cold / Can’t you understand that I just want to be alone?” This, of course, is by design, says Bannes, who considers Wild’s End the band’s attempt to reconcile struggle. It’s in their lyrics, sure, but also in the vocals on “Lapsed Asshole,” which rise together in harmony before falling into a simmering sea murky chords. It’s in the disembodied guitars at the beginning of “Nietzsche in Florida” that mutate into noisy poltergeists during its final chorus. For Typesetter, this isn’t simply negativism for complaining’s sake. It about catharsis and camaraderie. If Wild’s End is an album about struggle, then it is not only about the strength one acquires through perseverance, but the means by which the band persevered.
CHUMPED - listen
Chumped is an indie pop-punk band comprised of four friends from Brooklyn, NY who like to have fun and write songs about feelings. Influenced by the power-pop structure and slacker sensibility of '90s alternative, the poetic substance of emo, and the urgency and energy of punk, Chumped write songs that are insightful, powerful and catchy as hell. FFO: RVIVR, Saves the Day, Swearin', Tigers Jaw, The Menzingers.
ASTPAI (from Austria) - listen
Blasting out of a dirty basement’s rehearsal room there comes the straight forward punkrock sound of Austria’s very own ASTPAI. Think of Strike Anywhere meets AC/DC, never lacking a sense in melody and sing-a-longs. Their Hardcore/Punk sound comes along with both very personal as well as political views and offers some new ideas without just presenting shallow paroles and drained statements.
BOILERMAN - listen
Boilerman is solid do-it-yourself pop-punk from Chicago. Get into it!

Fri. Nov. 14 - 6:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
The colloquialism “caddywhompus” is defined by such adjectives as “uneven,” “crooked” and “out of whack”—a list which could, in some instances, allude to the mind-bending sounds of the experimental noise-pop band who bears said name but whom can otherwise be described thus: spot on. Quasi-fraternal twins Sean Hart (drums) and Chris Rehm (guitar/vocals) have been playing music together since their middle school days, establishing their most serious project to date in September of 2008. Since then, they have played over 150 shows, the majority of them outside their native waters. With a daunting assortment of amplifiers and effects-pedal tweakery, the duo executes its incredibly loud and at times nearly overwhelming sets with an impeccable musicianship and live presence. Song structures alternate between sweet psychedelic indie ballads to the most intense, ear-splitting of noise-driven crescendos. Showcasing such raw emotion everywhere from cramped basements to the swankest of clubs, delivering sonic rapture to both veteran punks and seasoned hipsters alike.
COASTER - listen
Four guys from Chicago, taking it to the limit.
"Evasive Backflip has a knack for creating music that feels awkward without trying to be awkward, and manages this without ever completely abandoning all sense of melody. Their latest single, with its appropriately oddly clumsy title, takes a proggy, math framework and tilts it with a bit of punk sentiment and spastic oddities. Over its five minute run, 'Orange You Glad to See Orange You?' feels everything from urgent to lackadaisical, from sporadic to calculated."
-Local Loop Chicago

Sat. Nov. 15 - 7:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Finally, Pittsburgh has a band.
MINT MILE (members of Bottomless Pit, Silkworm, Songs: Ohio)
Chicago, IL etc.
THE SUEVES - listen
Starting as a three piece and recently recruiting a new member The Sueves have been playing shows around the city and midwest for over a year. Opening for bands such as The Beets, Rayon Beach, and Billy Hoak these young gentlemen and their groovy rock'n'roll tunes are sure to please the listeners.

Sat. Nov. 15 - 10:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta rocks the sounds of pan-Latin American cumbia. Their gritty, grassroots approach captures the “golden age” of streamlined, tight-knit ensembles that shook sweatbox dance floors with raw and fierce energy throughout Latin America in the 1970s—honest dance music with no frills and no fear, anchored by piercing guitars, garage organs, and straight-ahead percussive might.
ˇESSO! Afrofunk Jambeat brings together some of the city's funkiest live musicians and collaborators. The performance is an international celebration and conversation on cultures within the musical medium hosting musicians, poets and improvisers on Chicago's world music stages.
Sonorama is a dj collective always digging for obscure vintage Latin grooves to move & intrigue listeners' mind and body thru our dj sets, blog, & events.

Thu. Nov. 20 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Carbon Tigers is a band that won't give up. After gaining much attraction on a local level, their van along with their equipment and merchandise was stolen after a show in Chicago. Since then, the band has refined their sound and released a new EP that has gained the attention of NYLON Magazine, Guitar World, Last.FM, AbsolutePunk, BrooklynVegan, and more. 2014 will soon be the biggest year for the band as they play music festivals in Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, and more.
IVY SPOKES - listen
Milwaukee-based indie-pop rockers, Ivy Spokes, bring a sound they like to call “bio-digital” to the world. Formed in 2011 around the talents of Brandon Arndt, Hans Blanc and Phil Cowan, Ivy Spokes gives their audience a hearty portion of pop with a side of rock n' roll.
INDIGO WILD - listen
Sonic landscapes of robust rhythm, cunning guitar riffs, and soaring harmonies – a dynamic display of Midwestern introspection.

Fri. Nov. 21 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Wedding Dress is a songwriting collaboration between Erin Elders (Maps & Atlases) and Mike Russel (Suns), with the band being rounded out by Suns’ Matt Lemke as well as Bobby Burg (Love of Everything, Joan of Arc). A side-project like Wedding Dress is anything but an afterthought; performed with remarkable restraint and grade A musicianship, their songs mix lonesome old school country, slight nods to R&B song structure, and scholarly indie-rock, with songwriting arcs that play out almost as lungs do: Big, tense breaths in, followed by joyous exhales
DR. MANHATTAN - listen
It’s apparent that the boys in DR. MANHATTAN truly enjoy each other and their music, because the end result is magnificent. Their sound is an alternative/punk, and self-proclaimed Japanese Classic music with very energetic keyboard playing that creates an interesting and appealing sound. Their live shows are outstanding events; the band seems to be just having fun on stage and that really translates for the audiences enjoyment of the performance.
MELKBELLY - listen
Noisy guitar freak-outs alternate with beautifully melodic verses that show off singer Miranda Stokes's sweet and breathy vocal hooks—the back-and-forth between the two vibes is jarring and so frequent it can almost be overwhelming. One of the most exciting new sounds out of Chicago for a while.

Sat. Nov. 22 - 7:00 pm - All ages - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Allister was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1995 under their original name Phineas Gage. In 1999, Drive-Thru Records released the band's full-length CD Dead Ends and Girlfriends with that very line-up. The catchy 28-minute album, which was recorded with a production budget of a mere $700, featured playful yet promising pop punk tunes, along with covers of the Fraggle Rock theme song and the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way". The band recorded their second full-length album Last Stop Suburbia in 2002, showcasing a certain degree of growth in the songwriting of Rogner and Murphy. The album featured several fan-favorites, such as "Radio Player", "Overrated", and "Somewhere on Fullerton" (an ode to the legendary Chicago punk venue, Fireside Bowl). In 2004, Allister toured the world (including Europe and Japan) and scored a small guest appearance on the big screen in the film Sleepover, before releasing their third album, Before The Blackout (2005) and they recorded and released their 4th full length album Countdown to Nowhere on Universal Music Japan on 16 July 2010. In 2012, Allister recorded and released their 5th full length album entitled Life Behind Machines, and promoted it’s release with a tour of Japan and their first ever tour of China.
4 friends who have all played in separate bands with each other, but not that same band, have joined forces to rock your fucking face off.
WE'VE GOT OURS - listen
4 guys, 1 cup... of Midwestern punk rock, that is! A few decades of punk rock influence can be heard from these Chicago guys. See them now before they get fat.

Tue. Nov. 25 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Influenced by the shadowy, dark pop majesty of Queens of the Stone Age and the downright possessed guitar work of Jack White, North by North have sweated it out in basements and clubs over the last four years, working up to just what their debut album turns out to be: a spastic, yet finely-honed journey to where garage rock, 70's psych and arena anthems meet. Once there, guitarist/vocalist Nate Girard, keyboardist/vocalist Kendra Blank and drummer Dylan Andrews sound completely at home, taking the listener through brave, literate tales of mystery that are painted with frantic guitar, whirring organ and heart-pounding rhythms.
THE SINGLES - listen
THE SINGLES are Vincent Frederick (guitar/lead vocals) and Nicky Veltman (drums/back-up vocals). Hints of garage rock, power pop, glam, blues, and punk all find their way into the music. Both originally from Detroit, the two joined forces in LA in 2012 to restart The Singles—a moniker that Vince had used in the past to release his songs with different incarnations of the band.
MR. MA'AM - listen
Mr. Ma'am was created in the spring of 2013 by drummer/vocalist Frankie Mars Gunner, and guitarist/vocalist Andy Ryan (formerly of The Day Lewis). Blending punk and blues creating a style and genre the two members prefer to call "sex punk."
ROACH BEACH (members of Catfish Haven, Remaindermen, Lord) - listen
Roach Beach is a bastardized homage to the bands they grew up listening too, Naked Raygun, Motorhead, The Descendants, and Judas Priest. For the sake of labeling you could call it stoner punk; fast, thrashy, and explosive but sludgy and dreary when necessary. Oddly, the songs evoke pop sensibility while maintaining a garage ethos rooted in punk and metal.

Thu. Nov. 27 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Kepi (from Groovie Ghoulies) + Mean Jeans (shredders that know how to party from Portland) play the songs of The Groovie Ghoulies and More!
MEAN JEANS - listen
Three punk rock goofballs who deliver fast, loud, and hooky tunes and revel in the pleasures of pizza, sex, and getting wasted, Mean Jeans have become one of the better-known bands on the Pacific Northwest punk scene for their sloppy but relentless attack, raucous live shows, and fierce commitment to the art of partying.
The Lemons are a pretty new band from Chicago. The Lemons all play in other bands but they decided to start a band together because otherwise The Lemons wouldn't exist. The Lemons have songs with names like "Jelly Bean", "Monkey Time", "Chubby Checker" and "Ice Cream Shop". So if you like bands who would have song titles like those, you'll probably like The Lemons.

Fri. Dec. 05 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
KILLER MOON - listen
Killer Moon is a twenty first century psychedelic rock band that sounds like Black Sabbath and the Doors have melted into one another. Feels like an out of body experience under the influence of music.
CALLIOPE - listen
“Fans of the Doors and the Animals will get a kick out of Calliope’s self-titled debut album, a rollicking collection of retrofitted psychedelic blues songs…”
Ascend yourself into the blanketing incense smoke and celestial grooves that is Dead Feathers. Like the Night sky, this band is noting below a breath of fresh air. With melodic female Vocals and the Fuzz driven riffs you might as well be seeing the fortune teller herself when you see this band live. This band takes hold of you and does not let you go. Dead Feathers has shared the stage with countless Chicago bands and touring bands from all over North America alike. A group heavily influenced by rock bands of the 60's and 70's and the underground Psychedelic bands of today, They are currently in the process of recording their first EP and playing in venues across Chicago.

Sat. Dec. 06 - 9:00 pm - 21+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
YOU. - listen
NYC post-punk outfit YOU. may have a heart that beats for Detroit (vocalist and founding member Trever Millay and synth/drum programmer Brad Taormina both hail from there), but the soul of their music stretches far beyond the Midwest. Sunchaser is their third record, and first for Dais, and also their first to feature their expanded lineup of guitarist Scott Kiernan and bassist Lee Lichtsinn.
Gamma World are a sci-fi-punk band from Columbus, OH.
POPULATION (members of No Slogan & Ultratumbados) - listen
Emerging as a new direction from key members of Chicago’s Pilsen hardcore scene, comes the starkly contrasted Population, seeping out of the darkness with a pummeling morosity, frantic Factory Records hooks, and the grim misery of drowning while dreaming. What comes out is an impeccable specimen of jarring post punk force, met with melodic flourishes and kept in time with a furious rhythm pulling you deeper into their irresistible web. Just as how Christian Death uniquely emerged from shards of the California hardcore community over 30 years ago, this tightly-wound unit delves deep into the early 80s underworld, artfully intertwining tenebrous synth lines with desolate bass runs to form a monolithic, impenetrable coldness that always hits the spot, even in the dead of winter.
NEW CANYONS - listen
New Canyons are a duo Electronic/Shoegaze band based out of Chicago, IL. Teetering on genres of Shoegaze, Dreampop, Electronic, Ambient, & Noise.

Sun. Dec. 07 - 7:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
Weekend Nachos is all about their catchiness, their awesome groove parts, and their harsh vocals. There's no arguing with their unique blend of powerviolence, grindcore, and hardcore.
Three-piece grindcore ensemble from Michigan. Anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, pro-vegan.
DISROTTED - listen
Members of Sick/Tired and Hate and Harpoon... funeral doom.
INVERTED (member of Sick/Tired)
XAbruptX is Elisa shredding riffs and Robert pounding blast beats. Two homies playing FAST music.

Sat. Dec. 13 - 8:00 pm - 18+ - BUY TICKETS HERE!
4th Annual Noise For Toys: A Benefit For Chicagoland Toys For Tots
BLANE FONDA - listen
"Wetzel's elastic voice, an instrument capable of inhabiting moody, introspective passages and soaring, stadium-ready choruses, proved a natural fit for Blane Fonda's new, swaggering style." -Chicago Tribune
THE NOISE FM - listen
Formed in 2005 by brothers Alex and Austin Ward, The Noise FM's music has earned favorable comparisons to the melodic, beat-driven alt-rock of Muse, The Killers, and Bloc Party.
Bring Your Ray Gun are a dance-rock band from Chicago featuring Josh Lambert (vocals, keys), Will Wood (guitar), Heather Perry (vocals, bass), and Carlos Zapata (drums). Their electro-rock hooks and energetic live show got Windy City Rock to write, "You get the feeling [the band would] almost rather be dancing in the crowd than making the music. Almost." With a debut EP Pleasure Moments set for a fall release and recent shows with Walk the Moon and Stepdad, BYRG "seem poised for a remarkable future" (WCR).

Sat. Dec. 20 - 9:00 pm - 21+ -
KANGAROO - listen
Kangaroo play noisy-garagey-indie-rock-pop... or something like that.
There's an island in Chicago... one littered with crushed beer cans and the smell of something dangerously familiar... from the smoke-covered beach, the jangle of a lost surf guitar can be heard reverberating along with deep, dark bass riffs, primitive drumming, and echoing harmonies... some say the sounds may have originated long ago in an abandoned garage, others say they have heard it more recently, coming from the cracked window of a fuzzy basement... but they all agree, it came from COUGAR ISLAND.
Crafted with the elegance and grace of Guy Fieri writing a futuristic robot sequel to “Les Miserables,” The Trolls have arrived. Ham-fisted Chicago garage rock born out of boredom, blood and basements.
"We hail from the city of Chicago. This newly formed trio will find a place in your heart with our looks, and even our music."

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